Team up with NHL Alumni in the fight against Alzheimer's disease November 13–15, 2015
Scotiabank is ready to lace up its skates!
November 12, 2015

Scotiabank has been the title sponsor of the Scotiabank Hockey for Alzheimer’s tournament since the inaugural event in 2012, and have been instrumental to the success of the event. Rob Wilkins, Scotiabank Vice President, says of Scotiabank’s initial decision to become involved, “It was a perfect fit for us – a unique opportunity for us to combine our commitment to the community with our love for the game of hockey.”

With over 70,000 people across the province affected by dementia, the cause is important to Scotiabank. Wilkins says, “At Scotiabank, we believe in supporting the communities in which we live and work to help them become healthier and stronger. We understand the effect that Alzheimer’s and related disorders can have on individuals and their families, and we hope that through our support, we can make a positive impact on the lives of affected British Columbians.”

As well as being committed to the cause, Scotiabank is also a huge supporter of hockey. Wilkins says, “Hockey matters to Scotiabank because it matters to Canadians. It has the power to connect communities and people across the country. It’s also an important part of who we are as Scotiabankers – our employees are fans, coaches and players. Scotiabank is proud to support hockey from the professional level to the community level, including this special event with the Alzheimer Society of B.C.”

Wilkins will personally participate on the ice again this year, with Team Scotia. “Year after year, what I really enjoy is the camaraderie and nostalgia,” says Wilkins. “The NHL Alumni are always full of great stories. And some of them are true!”

The 2015 Scotiabank Hockey for Tournament will take place November 13 -15, 2015. To support a team or player to put Alzheimer’s on ice, click here.




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